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Friday, January 21, 2005

Tutorial on Setting Up Bluetooth to Download Games on Motorola Phones

This may be elementary but since I spent several hours figuring this out I thought I'd post it here to save others some time. As you've read, you can add games to your v3, MPX220, v600 and others without having to install a bunch of software IF you do it over Bluetooth.

You can simply drag the .jar file to the OBEX Object PUSH icon (NOT to the Obex File Transfer icon) and it's done. I'm happy to confirm that it's true and works quickly and easily ONCE you've got things set up just right.

The Bluetooth dongle for your PC should have come with a CD containing some drivers. When those drivers are installed you will have a new icon on your desktop that says "My Bluetooth Places." Note that if you simply plug the dongle into a USB port it will work with Mobile Phone Tools but you won't have the "My Bluetooth Places" icon and you need it for this operation.

NOTE: If your CD does not contain the Widcomm Bluetooth Stack but some other software like Blue Soleil, see my post on installing the Widcomm software to work with any dongle.

So, unplug the dongle and run the CD. When the installation is complete, plug in the dongle, you will see the icon and you can open My Bluetooth Places UNLESS, like me and so many others, you have XP SP2 installed! If that's the case clicking the icon will do absolutely NOTHING! SO...

If you are running XP SP2 this next step is important: Click START:RUN and enter 'devmgmt.msc' and click OK. Click the '+' in front of Bluetooth and select the first item which is 'Generic Bluetooth Radio.' Click 'Update Drivers' and select the CSR driver instead of the Microsoft one. See:
http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;840635 for an explanation and further details.

OOOkay! Now that you've done all that, you can open My BT Places and click on "View Devices In Range." Then, on the Cellular Phone icon, right click and select "Discover available services" or double click it to reveal the "OBEX Object Push" icon. Don't see it, do you? There's yet one more step:

On the toolbar, click Bluetooth: Advanced Configuration: Client Applications and scroll down to and highlight 'File Transfer,' click 'Properties' and UNcheck 'Secure Connection.' NOW you can double-click the phone icon and, at long last, see the elusive 'OBEX Object Push' icon. Just drag the .jar file to it and it will be transferred to the phone. You don't need any .jad files. Follow the prompts on the phone to install it and enjoy the game!

If you get a message saying, "Error:The connection could not be completed," remove the battery from your phone for 30 seconds and then try again.